Case Study: Citygate Specialist Dental Clinic, Citygate, Cork

Citygate Specialist Dental Clinic opened a brand-new state-of-the-art dental surgery in 2010 and required images for their new web site, for their new brochures and for inclusion in presentation media.

Although an impressive new facility, with lots of great opportunities for stylish interior photographs, it's hard to escape the fact that for a significant number of their potential clients, denistry has a necessary but uncomfortable experience.

With most businesses, you would expect to photograph the tools of the trade - to create iconic images which instantly convey the core values of the business: craftsmanship, professionalism, quality and service.

Although these are very present in this business, the 'dentist's chair' or the dental tools aren't normally things which draw people in.

So what are their Unique Selling Points? What is it about this business that we can use to impress potential clients?

The people

It was clear that the presentaion of this business, more than any other, needs to focus on the people who provide the service. To portray them in a way that instantly conveys all the attributes that you want your dental surgeon to have.

They need to look like they're gong to take care of you.

So the session inclued a range of portraits of all of the staff including the principles in work attitre in a professional setting and in 'scrubs' in the surgery.

General interior views were also shot inciuding the branding where ever possible.

After the initial session when the surgery opened in 2010, Rob returned to Citygate at the end of 2012. The initial staff of four had grown to fourteen partners, staff and associates so they needed additional headshots to add to the original series and new, larger group photographs taken in the surgery.

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